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Think8 (Reloaded)

Paano Nga Ba Mag-online Business That Plays To Your Strengths?

Hi, and welcome to CecilioArana.com !

For over a decade now, I’ve been releasing technical & behavioural blog post as it happens to share things I’ve learned about faith, psychology (behavioural's my favourite), music, and technology. And then eventually just recently, modelling a digital information marketing & entrepreneurship in the context of who You Really Are!
Knowing your core concept and the niche market you're following...

I'm taking the things I know. And then break them down into little elements. And I rearrange them. So for most to make it easy to understand. And all of a sudden making a statement. Not by anything but primarily by a song or music, an eBook, an audiobook, or a series of digital program helping the Juan De la Cruz in You.

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Salamat sa iyong oras at pagbisita!

I'm JC. Araña an O.F. and all about three Fs:

1. Faith
2. Fire 
3. Financial Freedom!

*OF is overseas Filipino
It pays to do the right thing the first time.

I got started as a Digital Information Entrepreneur and whilst into it I did CASE STUDYING & MODELLING for those 3 things. Mula noon, pa-unti unti, my life has changed for the better... ['click here' for the full story.]

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Salamat po sa time - balik po kayo!
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Think8 (Reloaded)

EBCampus' Think8 Crash Course has been reloaded once again in a new edition. Days are released every third day so you could digest and not be overwhelmed. The topic for today was chosen by members of the EBCampus.com and people who follow my Facebook page.

  • Day 6
  • SieTE DIAS
    (Day 7)
  • Day 1

Full Circle

I mentioned about getting away. At kung Overseas Filipino ka, madali itong gawin.
You could also consider calling Mom...  
5 min read 

Grabe, ang post ko today is so special dahil:

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  • Our EBCampus' 'IBMC master circle' is temporarily CLOSED (read on for details)!
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BernadetteSous Chef

Salamat Kuya. Sa tulong mo. May online presence na ako sa larangan ko. Kahit andito ako sa malayo at ikaw diyan di naging hadlang.

MonTravel & Tours

Salamat JC. Makarami na din ako ng sales sa peg ko.

Seamantulungin Bro JoSeaman

WOW salamat kuya, salamat, dalawa (na) kayo ni kuya Jim na mentor ko - isa sa traditional business (at) isa sa online haha...Maximize the opportunity and (the) luxury of having mentors...napaka-BLESSED ko!

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