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iReport Mobile App

The NEW and SAFE Real Time Reporting App for Business and Family in your Phone !

Technology is now a necessity to everyone, may it be for work, personal, family, and business. It is better to have an app that enables you to trace your loved ones in case of emergency or calamity. With the Power of GPS, this app enable you locate any person.

Make your employee more productive while on field and gives you reports in real time, their exact location while sending a reports to your email. This will enable your management to monitor your employees’ tracking real time location.

This application will provide you the control over your employee and help them perform their job effectively and efficiently. This also has a report online backup in our server where you can print and take a look back on every report that was sent you by your employees and or relatives. [See Privacy-Policy]

Scan QR code to download iReport at Google Play Store !

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Download to Google Playstore